Zimbabwe Overland Tours

The people of Zimbabwe are really friendly, their music and arts are world famous and some of their National Parks are amongst Africa's finest.

Victoria Falls is the Adventure capital of southern Africa, with loads of activities on offer like, white water rafting, microlighting, jet boat or river boarding, sundowner cruises, elephant back safaris and loads more.

Must Do's In Zimbabwe

  • Experience a 'real' safari on top a huge elephant bull.
  • Brave the mighty Zambezi white river rafting and be tossed around by 'Nyaminyami', the Zambezi River God.
  • 'The Boma Restaurant' at Victoria Fall offers an evening of traditional feasting and drinking.
  • Join the adrenaline junkies - bungi off Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • Taste a good many of the local Zimbabwean beers while on a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River.
  • Numerous special dinners in scenic locations to adventurous outings after sunset.

More On Zimbabwe

The local people who led David Livingstone to this magical place in 1855 call it 'Mosi-oa-Tanya' (the smoke that thunders), can be seen 70km away. 'Scenes so lovely, must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight', said David Livingstone.

Victoria Falls National Park was included on the World Heritage list in 1989. The park comprises the left bank of the Zambezi River above Victoria Falls, the eastern half of the falls themselves, and a series of deep gorges below the falls. The falls are the most significant feature of the park, and when the Zambezi is in full flood (usually February or March) they form the largest curtain of falling water in the world.

During these months, over 500 million liters or water per minute go over the falls, which are 1708m wide, and drop 99m at Rainbow Falls in Zambia. At low water in November flow can be reduced to around 10 million litters/minute, and the river is divided into a series of braided channels that descend in many separate falls.

Below the falls the river enters a narrow series of gorges, which represent locations successively occupied by the falls earlier in their history. Since the uplifting of the Makgadikgadi Pan area some two million years ago, the Zambezi River has been cutting through the basalt base rock, exploiting weak fissures, and forming a series of retreating gorges. Seven previous waterfalls occupied the seven gorges below the present falls, and Devil's Cataract in Zimbabwe is where the next cut back will form a new waterfall that will eventually leave the present falls lip high above the river in the gorge below.

Zimbabwe's Climate

The country enjoys a pleasantly moderate climate, with temperatures ranging from an average 22 degrees Celius on the plateau to 30 degrees Celcius in the Zambezi Valley during summer (November to April) and from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius in winter (May to October).

Most rains fall in the afternoon and electrical storms occur in the relatively humid warm-weather months (November to April).

Zimbabwe Overland Safari Tips

  • Don't pull out huge amounts of cash in public places.
  • Never change money on the black market. You are very likely to get ripped off.

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