Zanzibar Overland Tours

Zanzibar is the collective name for two East African islands off mainland Tanzania: Unguja (also called Zanzibar) and Pemba. The capital of the islands, located on the island of Unguja, is also known as Zanzibar. The city's old quarter, known as Stone Town, is a World Heritage Site.

Zanzibar's main industries are spices (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper), raffia and tourism.

Zanzibar is also the home of the endemic Zanzibar Red Colobus.

Must Do's In Zanzibar

  • Go on a Spice Tour.
  • Watch the sun seting over the crystal blue waters from a Dhow.
  • Wander the winding streets of Stone Town.
  • Taste the local delights at the famous fish markets.
  • Relax on the white sands under the shade of a palm tree.

More On Zanzibar

The Spice island of Zanzibar lies off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for once being the commercial centre of East Africa and the last place to abolish the slave trade. Today it combines ancient Islamic ruins, noble Arabic houses with miles of white sandy palm fringed beaches and coves.

The ocean offers warm clear blue waters, idyllic islands excellent reefs for snorkelling and diving, fantastic deep sea fishing, water sports and of course delicious fresh fish.

And if you thought that wasn't enough, visiting the Spice plantations (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom and others) or haggling for carvings in the Central Market is great fun too.

Zanzibar's Climate

Along the coast the climate is tropical, with high humidity and temperatures averaging 25 to 29 degrees Celcius. From December to March, temperatures can exceed 30 degrees Celcius.

Throughout most of the country there are two rainy seasons, with the 'long' rains (masika) drenching Zanzibar from mid-March to May, and the 'short' rains (mvuli) doing their best from November to January.

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