Mozambique Overland Tours

Among Mozambique's attractions are beautiful beaches, fascinating cultures and rich artistic and musical traditions. Mozambique enjoys an almost carnival atmosphere, and its culture is a heady mix of Portuguese and Arab African.

There is lots to see, including world-renowned beaches, World Heritage sites, funky colonial architecture and colorful local culture. Mozambique also boasts some of the best scuba diving in Africa.

Must Do's In Mozambique

  • Feast on fresh seafood of every description: Tiger prawns, lobster, crab, lula, (calamari) game fish and much more!
  • Take a trip on an ancient Arab dhow.
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling in Mozambique is awesome - water temperatures are 27 degrees all year round.
  • Mozambique have some of the most funky jazz club, bars and music clubs in Africa. The Mozambican people love to dance.
  • Northern Mozambique is almost tourist free!

More On Mozambique

Mozambicans are putting the past behind them and are rebuilding their country at a remarkable pace. It's now possible to travel all over Mozambique and its an awesome country. People are vibrant and friendly, the cost line and beaches are simply breathtaking and if you are into seafood - you could not wish for anything more: giant prawns, crabs, lobster and fish are in abundance - washed down with excellent local beers.

Mozambique's Climate

The cooler, dry season runs from April / May to October / November. Daytime maximums during this time are around 24 to 27 degrees Celcius on the coast but cooler are inland. The rainy season is hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 27 to 31 degrees Celcius.

Mozambique Overland Travel Tips

  • Bargaining at markets is to be expected.
  • Bring along a Portuguese phrase book, it can be of great use!

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