Malawi Overland Tours

Malawi is better known as the warm heart of Africa, all because of its friendly people! Wherever you go you will receive a welcome which is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

In big and small markets throughout Malawi shining silver piles of dried fish 'usipa' are sold. Closer to the lake fresh fish is available.

Children receive wonderful names: Happiness, Brightness, Love, Gift, Rejoice or Last (which is quite common!). Also look out for the quirky names of establishments. Ssome of our favourite's being 'Top Hits bottle store', 'Mind your own business Restaurant' and 'The Hang Over clinic!'.

Malawi does not have a large volume of tourists, and this provides a good part of its charm.

Must Do's In Malawi

  • Discover the fresh water jewel of Lake Malawi by snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming in this beautiful lake.
  • Sample one of Malawi's road side 'shebeens' - a local bar full of good humour and good beer.
  • View the abundance of wildlife in Liwonde, Cape Maclear and Nyika National Park.
  • Mingle with the friendly locals at the craft markets and invest in their handmade carvings.
  • Be daring and eat mopane worms, a delicatessen to many African people!

More On Malawi

Malawi has an incredible variety of stunning landscapes. The unique rolling hills of orchid clad Nyika; the cool forested plateau of Zomba; the 10,000 feet climbers' paradise of Mulanje Massif; the broad and fertile Shire Valley. From rugged highlands to lowland plains - the scene is ever changing.

Hundreds of miles of tropical golden sand beaches line Africa's third largest lake. Lake Malawi is a true inland sea and is tideless. Relax in the sun on uncrowded beaches, hand-feed tropical fish at the world's first freshwater National Park or enjoy the many water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and canoeing.

Malawi's Climate

In the higher areas, the climate is pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 20 degrees Celcius between November and April, and 27 degrees Celcius from May to October. The rainy season lasts from October to April.

Malawi Overland Safari Tips

  • Avoid buying uncut 'recious stones'. These are generally fakes.
  • Although the dress code in Malawi is now more relaxed than in the past, visitors should take care not to offend local sensitivities. Women should wear long skirts or dresses, and keep the bikinis to the beaches only.
  • Local foods can be bought from road side stores and restaurants and are generally delicious. Look out for the ingenious chip fryers made from half a steel drum.

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