Kenya Overland Tours

Kenya better know as the 'Cradle of Humanity'. Kenya has some of the largest and most accessible wildlife parks in Africa; coral reefs and palm-fringed white-sand beaches along the Indian Ocean, the mighty Mount Kenya; and ancient Swahili cities that almost rival Zanzibar.

Nairobi is a fast bustling funky city with lots of energy. The Central Market is fascinating and you will be expected to bargain hard for your goods; colourful cloths, sarongs and Masaai blankets, a bewildering array of arts and crafts and batiks and much much more.

Must Do's In Kenya

  • Witness the Wildebeests migration between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Kenya's Masai Mara.
  • Experience some of the lakes, mountains and flowing countryside of the Great Rift Valley.
  • Be sure to visit the markets of Nairobi - some of the best in Africa.
  • Try delicious nyama choma (barbecued goat meat).
  • Sample Kenya's wonderful 'Tusker' beer.

More On Kenya

Kenya can be divided into four primary zones: The coastal belt, which features hot, humid weather all year; the Rift Valley and central highlands, the most scenic area, with its lakes and mountains and enjoyable climate. In western Kenya, with the northern tea plantations fading away to semidesert in the south and the Masai Mara Game Reserve on the Tanzanian border; and the north and east of the country, which consists of vast semiarid bushland where rainfall is sparse and cattle-grazing is the main activity.

There are more than 70 tribal groups among the Africans. Western cultural values are becoming more ingrained and traditional values are disintegrating. Even though some have drifted away from tribal traditions, a person's tribe is still the most important part of their identity.

Kenya's Climate

The rainy seasons are March to May (the long rains) and October to November (the short rains). During these times, the days start warm and sunny and downpours occur mostly in the late afternoons. Travelling in Kenya at this time is not generally a problem because the roads are good and the bursts of rain are short.

Kenya Overland Safari Tips

  • Banks will change money, but their commission can be high.
  • Take care of your belongings at all times. This includes baggage, cash, traveller's cheques and credit cards, passport and travel and insurance documents.
  • Take a phrase book with you it might come in handy.

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