Overland Info: Visas, Passports & Insurance


All visitors to Africa must be in possession of a full passport which is valid for at least six months after the finish date of a trip. It should have plenty of blank pages, particularly if you are doing a longer overland tour as you will collect a number of visas and stamps.

It is advisable to allow at least one blank page for each country you are visiting. Should your passport be almost full you may find yourself unable to complete the tour. Getting a new passport in Africa is extremely difficult, so always keep your passport safe.

You should also take certified photocopies of your passport with you and keep these separately from your passport. When travelling in Africa, do not keep any other paperwork, such as your vaccination certificate inside your passport.


Travellers of most nationalities need visas for some, if not all, of the African countries. Most of these can be obtained at the borders when travelling through Africa, or alternatively at the airport when arriving. It is essential that you check the visa requirements for your nationality of each country before you arrive in Africa.

Most visas obtained whilst in Africa must be paid for in cash in US Dollar. Visa requirements and costs change frequently so it's always best to get up-to-date information prior to the start of your overland tour.

Travel Insurance

It is essential that you have travel insurance obtained in your home country for any overland tour in Africa. You will not be permitted to join an overland tour without travel insurance and your tour leader will request contact details for the insurance company at the beginning of the tour.

Your travel insurance policy should cover you for personal accident, medical costs, and loss, damage to, or theft of personal belongings. Ideally the policy should include repatriation in the event of a medical emergency back to your home country. You should carefully consider a policy that specifically covers adventure travel if you plan on doing many of the optional adventure excursions. Most travel insurance policies limit the value of personal baggage and belongings, so if you have expensive camera or video equipment, you may want to consider extra cover.