Overland Info: Money Matters

Local Payments / Kitty

Most of our African overland safaris work on a system of a local payment or kitty. A few safaris however include the local payment in the overall tour price. You will find the amount of the local payment stated alongside your tour price and mostly it is in US Dollar. The local payment needs to be paid to your crew at the start of your overland tour. The crew will manage this fund for the duration of the tour.

The local payment is a communal fund which pays for accommodation, meals, entrances into National Parks & Reserves and certain highlights. Operating a local payment system ensures that a major portion of your tour price goes directly into the country you are visiting, benefiting local communities and contributing to the conservation of the area.

The local payment amounts stated on our website are not fixed and are subject to change. Due to local price and exchange rate fluctuations there might be a difference in our amount quoted and the amount required by your crew upon arrival. However, there is never a large difference.


We recommend that you bring some US Dollar cash in small denominations so that you do not have to change money at the airport. You might only want to change a small amount at the airport because you normally receive a better exchange rate in town. You will find that you get given a very bad exchange rate if you organize African currency in your home country.

Although Traveller's Cheques are definitely the safest way of bringing your money out, most of our past passengers have found that bringing US Dollar cash for optional highlights is very handy. Visas obtainable at borders need to be paid for in US Dollar cash too.

Personal spending

'How much money am I going to be spending on a tour?' is one of the most asked questions. There is no hard answer to this question. Africa is definitely not as cheap as most guide books make you believe. Only you know how much you are likely to spend, do you smoke, drink, love shopping? Our past passengers have spent on average about US Dollar 20 to 30 per day, on top of any optional activities.

It is advisable to bring both Traveller's Cheques and cash when you bring your own personal money with. Only buy Traveller's Cheques of a known brand and make sure you bring your purchase receipt with you. Keep a record of any Traveller's Cheques bought and cashed in. According to the terms & conditions of your Traveller's Cheques, you should keep your receipt separate from the actual Cheques and everyting separate from your passport.

Please make sure that you always have an accessible emergency fund, in case of emergencies.