Overland Info: Guides & Crew

Whether a driver, tour leader, tour guide or safari cook, African overland safari crew all have one thing in common: a passion for Africa and a desire to instill that passion upon their overland passengers.

Different companies work with different crew, a mixture of African and Western crew, others only African or only Western crew. No matter where they are from, your overland crew are all highly motivated, enthusiastic, conscientious. They are passionate about Africa, its array of cultures and its diverse wildlife.

Overland crew are not personal servants. They are there to show you the ropes of African overlanding, travelling off-the-beaten track and camping out in the wilderness. Each crew member will ensure that your overland tour turns into an experience never to be forgotten, whilst working very long days, seven days a week.

The crew have the added responsibility of looking after the overland truck. Between repairing the flat tyre, getting lunch organized, navigating through treacherous roads and identifying a bird making a particular noise, they are also your companions on your overland tour.

Certain companies employ 2 drivers and a cook, others employ a driver and a tour leader/cook and yet others just a driver. Generally speaking the more crew there are on your tour, the less participation will be required from the group. However, all overland tours require a certain level of participation, for example, you will need to put up your own tent.

Your Africa overland safari crew are waiting to show you Africa and whatever it takes - making sure your Africa adventure tour become the journey of a lifetime.